Saturday, March 14, 2015

Together - The Power Of Two

How many of you agree that no matter how hard we try to be optimistic, some days just suck the hope out of us and try to put us down. We start losing hope and boom! all the negativity seems to drown us in a jiffy. On these days the love of someone special, the time spent with your best friend or a walk with your loving pet makes a huge difference to how we feel.
Together - The Power Of Two
Together - The Power Of Two

We have all heard that one plus one equals eleven - essentially saying that the strength of two people together is far higher than two individuals.

I'm sure you would remember as a child when you did not do too well on a particular exam; coming back home and talking it over with your mom would just make all the tension go away. Then at times when someone would irritate you too much at work - just spending quality time at home, relaxing over a movie or snuggling with your partner would make the world seem like a much better place. Together two people have the power to chase away each other's fears, worries and troubles.

No matter how bad the situation seems, when you lose hope someone else can fill it up for you. When you think all is going wrong, someone else's hope can shed a little light on your darkness. At work if your boss hands over a complex problem to solve, try and talk it out with a friend or colleague. A lot of times simply talking it out will show you the path you need to take. A lot of times the other person acts like a punching bag and before you know it your troubles seem to disappear into thin air. I remember a lot of times one of my friends at work would call me over to discuss some issue, and the moment he would explain the issue to me, it would all just unravel in-front of him and he would be able to solve it himself. All I had to do was listen. All I did was be there, it was the power of togetherness that worked.

If you face a dilemma in life and things seem to be going nowhere, take the time to talk to someone. Even if you can't tell them all your problems just spend some quality time with them. If nothing else your mind will feel relaxed. And once your mind is relaxed you can think more clearly. This helps you gain your optimism, it helps you see the brighter side of life, and who knows you might just have a solution to your most worrisome problem.

Together we are one
Alone you stand
Together we can run
When life seems low
Hold me close
Alone I live
Together our life glows

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