Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Time To #StartANewLife

How many times in life have you felt stuck, stuck in your life path due to fear of change? You are in a banking job but always wanted to be a musician but you can't take the plunge because of fear. You want to buy that new apartment in the adjoining city but you can't because of fear of a new place, fear of losing the things you have become accustomed to in your current surroundings?

Time To #StartANewLife

Change does not necessarily have to be for the bad but yes accepting change can be a challenge. As a teenager if you've had your heart broken by someone you truly loved, moving on must have been the toughest thing you have ever done because accepting that change is heart wrenching. But life moves on, life has to change because time keeps changing. What life presents you now was not the same as yesterday and won't be the same tomorrow.

I have been challenged by life a lot in terms of change. As a child I had to change a lot of schools because my parents moved across countries due to their job postings. I still remember that feeling of fear each time I had to join a new school. The school was different, the people were different and to top it all even the predominant language in the country was different. Making friends is the toughest thing for me and yet here I was every couple of years trying to start a new life. But as I have learnt from all my experiences, each change in your life teaches you something new. It molds you into the person you are supposed to be. Its your journey on the path of life towards your destiny.

Through the various teaching methods in my different schools I learnt to adapt. I learnt to understand different pronunciations that people had even for the common English language. I learnt a lot of new skills like wood working which I would have never otherwise attempted. And most of all I made friends from different parts of the world. I am still a reserved person by nature but my level of acceptance for different cultures has grown. The entire change each time brought in a new maturity in me as a person.

Till date life keeps throwing its changes my way. At that point I have two options - one is to succumb to the pressure, to the fear and hold back, the other, and the one I choose, is to smile and say "I can do this". Its just an attitude shift which makes the whole difference. Life is to be lived every moment, so forget about tomorrow and make the most of your today, your present!

Consider change as a sign of improvement, a sign of moving forward. Change to  a better you, change for a better life for you and your family. Housing.com aims to change the way we look at housing for ourselves. Check out their video to know more.

So now looking back at the days that were, what is that one change that life threw at you and you accepted it only to realize that it was the best thing that ever happened to you?

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