Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Suicide Attempt

A Suicide Attempt

It took a lot of courage
As I sat by the window sill
My last note in one hand
And a bottle of the dreaded pill

I gazed outside my window
To the bird in the mango tree 
This could be my last time ever 
When I would sit on my window sill

I was about to pop in, 
Not one or two, 
but the entire bottle of that pill

Alas I am terrible at gulping anything
To myself, at that point I said, 
Should have bought some syrup for sure instead! 
For my journey to the other side,
How could I get some silence?
When the bird had decided to flutter its wings,
In all its craziness!!!

It knew what I was up to, I think,
And decided to ruin my plans. 
Little did it know why I was so sad, 
And only a little courage for this I had had. 

It flew mockingly straight at my hand 
I fell down the window sill. 
But into my room instead of out 
And hurt badly, my knee. 

I knew I was saved that day 
Even though I did not feel free 
But save it did from a courage-less act 
That little bird in the mango tree

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Book Review - Grey Skies by Rohan Dahiya

You are young, rebellious and feel that the world moves around as per your wishes - WRONG! - the world moves as it deems fit, life always has a plan of its own. Rohan Dahiya has tried to capture the essence of this reality through his book Grey Skies.
Grey Skies - Rohan Dahiya
Grey Skies - Rohan Dahiya

Rohan Dahiya is an artist turned writer who has tried to capture the nuances of different relationships.

Grey Skies talks about the life of two sisters, Eliza and Amy. Both the sisters move out of their parents house in an attempt to 'find' their life, but, return back to the town where it all started after seeing the reality of life.

The narrative is good, you want to read on at a fast pace as the characters are built up.