Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Suicide Attempt

A Suicide Attempt

It took a lot of courage
As I sat by the window sill
My last note in one hand
And a bottle of the dreaded pill

I gazed outside my window
To the bird in the mango tree 
This could be my last time ever 
When I would sit on my window sill

I was about to pop in, 
Not one or two, 
but the entire bottle of that pill

Alas I am terrible at gulping anything
To myself, at that point I said, 
Should have bought some syrup for sure instead! 
For my journey to the other side,
How could I get some silence?
When the bird had decided to flutter its wings,
In all its craziness!!!

It knew what I was up to, I think,
And decided to ruin my plans. 
Little did it know why I was so sad, 
And only a little courage for this I had had. 

It flew mockingly straight at my hand 
I fell down the window sill. 
But into my room instead of out 
And hurt badly, my knee. 

I knew I was saved that day 
Even though I did not feel free 
But save it did from a courage-less act 
That little bird in the mango tree