Sunday, June 7, 2015

Book Review - Grey Skies by Rohan Dahiya

You are young, rebellious and feel that the world moves around as per your wishes - WRONG! - the world moves as it deems fit, life always has a plan of its own. Rohan Dahiya has tried to capture the essence of this reality through his book Grey Skies.
Grey Skies - Rohan Dahiya
Grey Skies - Rohan Dahiya

Rohan Dahiya is an artist turned writer who has tried to capture the nuances of different relationships.

Grey Skies talks about the life of two sisters, Eliza and Amy. Both the sisters move out of their parents house in an attempt to 'find' their life, but, return back to the town where it all started after seeing the reality of life.

The narrative is good, you want to read on at a fast pace as the characters are built up.

Midway through the book became difficult for me to read. The characters of the girls that started off as normal girls are twisted and turned almost into whores. Two young girls trying to go through life and their relationship with each other. But slowly things start to get murky. While trying to show difficulties they face in all their relationships, the characters are shown to be very shallow human beings.

The writing style is fine and I was quite hopeful about this book initially, but overall the story is not the kind that can keep me hooked. The repetition of the 'grey skies' actually starts to impede the normal flow of the book.

Price: Rs 200 (available online for Rs 189)

This is my personal perspective but if you are adventurous enough and enjoy this type of reading do pick it up for a read!

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