Friday, May 15, 2015

Going Mobile For Your Mobile #MyAirtelApp

Do you use your smartphone as much as I do, I don't know but if you do or if you plan to and you have the Airtel connection then read on!

I moved to Airtel a few years ago because I was unsatisfied with the operator I had. And it was a good move for sure. Slowly my entire family moved to an Airtel connection. While a few members of my family continue to use a postpaid connection I also slowly shifted to a prepaid one as I found it more economical for the type of usage I have. The only drawback was keeping track of my mobile balance and making sure I had enough data in my pack to stay connected.

And then came the Airtel Mobile App. We are in a time space where ease of doing things is of utmost importance. So when your world is coming into your hands through your smartphone, its always smart to keep your mobile 'mobile' in the sense that it has enough balance to help you stay connected at all times. So, I downloaded the app (actually my father insisted I try it out since he already has it on his phone and tablet).
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The application has a super simple interface and the three reasons I think you will benefit from using the app are:

1. For your number you get customized offers that suit your usage. For prepaid it is always great to see the special recharges that offer full talk time - I always want full value for my money so these offers are a super hit with me. Even if you have a postpaid connection you will be able to see special offers suited to you like customized top up plans.

2. Who said using a phone is always about spending money, not anymore. Airtel now offers special cash-back schemes with the Airtel mobile application - is that cool or what? I always love cash back, it might seem like a tiny amount initially but keep accumulating your cash back and soon you will notice its good enough for a small self treat for sure!

3. And the third most important feature - I can now top up my mobile from the application itself! Not just my mobile, I can connect all my Airtel accounts with the application. This gives me access to the current status of all my connections including my home broadband, all in one location - on my mobile anywhere anytime.

The application is easy to download and very simple to use. I told you my dad initiated me, coming from old school of thought he really stayed away from online transactions specially if he had to do one from his mobile. But now he is a pro, recently he switched from postpaid to prepaid and as soon as his account got reactivated he setup his Airtel app with the updates, recharged his mobile, topped up his data plan - all from the comfort of his chair without having to step out of the house.

So if you do have an Airtel connection don't forget to try the Airtel App on your mobile.

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