Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kapil Sir Kya Hai Ye #EkNayiLeague

I know a lot of us go a bit crazy when it comes to cricket. And there is no dearth of fans of the great Mr. Kapil Dev. So when he joined twitter @therealkapildev and announced his #EkNayiLeague - the world went crazier. What is this Nayi League that Kapil sir is coming out with? A lot of people are playing the guessing game trying to figure out what this is all about. Mr Kapil Dev will be revealing it on his twitter account soon but until then I decided to play detective and figure it out myself. And to take some hints I decided to watch and hear what Mr Kapil Dev has to say to some celebrities about his Nayi League (*takes out the magnifying glass and goes hunting for clues*)

He says that celebrities would fail if they played his Nayi League with their heart - 'dil se khela to hit wicket' - so first guess - its a game of some sort! And if you can't use your heart you must need your brain - so this has to be some sort of competitive game - right?

He talks to Dhoni about his retirement plans - narrating his own case and his chat with Mr Devanand. Kapil sir tells Dhoni never to retire, "kabhi nahin kabhi nahin" warning him that his 'Nayi League' is very different where even Dhoni is going to be hit-wicket if he plays with his heart. He talks about how well Dhoni has led the Indian team. Is this game going to have teams playing against each other? Maybe!

Kapil sir feels very proud of Yuvraj Singh and the fact that he was offered 16 crores. Kapil sir is proud that finally sports in India is also getting monetary returns like it does in other countries. Hmmm... so there is money involved - this has to be a show with a huge jackpot at the end.

Kapil Sharma aka Bittu (my favorite host on the comedy show - Comedy Nights with Kapil) is also addressed. Mr Kapil Dev tells Bittu that he loves the way Bittu throws a googly at his guests and how his entire show is about connecting at the heart. But again Bittu is warned that he will not be able to survive the Nayi League if he plays with his heart. OK, so this show is not only about cricket or sportsmen. If Bittu is going to play, it has to involve celebrities from all fields of life.

So let me summarize my guesses so far and see if we can conclude something meaningful:

1. Its a game show
2. There are big prizes
3. Its going to be played by celebrities
4. It can't be played with your heart - so you need your brains for sure!

I think #EkNayiLeague is going to be a quiz show that will be shown on television. Mr Kapil Dev is going to be the host and the prizes are going to be huge. It might have teams of celebrities competing against each other!

This is my guess, if you think it is something different you can leave your answers on the website and you could actually win Rs 1,00,000!

I do  hope my guess doesn't turn out to be ridiculously off track!

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