Sunday, February 28, 2016

Book Review: Let Go Of Me by Ekta Saigal Pandit

"When you think of ideals and crave for that ideal love, it is a reflection of this kind of love that you desire. The absolute love."

Let Go Of Me, book review, Ekta Saigal Pandit

Asmi - she could be you, your friend, or even me! 

Let Go Of Me by Ekta Saigal Pandit is like a reflection of our own inner turmoils written as if Asmi lives somewhere inside us.

Publication: Heritage Publishers
Price: Rs 295/$10.99 (available online HERE)

Let Go Of Me is a story of Asmi and Sagar. Two extremely different people leading very different lives. Their destiny brings them together with a strange pull between their souls. While Asmi leads a very 'normal' life with her husband, kids and in-laws, she battles daily with a strange sense of emptiness within her. A strange voice within her and a strong sense of love in her dreams keeps her going. She is yet to understand the visions she has when life brings her face to face with Sagar. Sagar has the eyes that seem to read her, to know who she really is deep inside and to feel her need as another separated soul would. 

But Sagar has a past to hide, a present he cannot disclose fully lest he lose Asmi. Sagar continues to love her yet hides from her all that a soulmate should reveal. Sagar is a part of Asmi that she can only breathe and cannot control. She chooses not to alter anything in Sagar, but whether she can give him her unconditional love even after finding out his present ordeals is for you to find out in this 221 page - sometimes tearjerker, sometimes goosebumps giver - book.

"Where was her soulmate? Why had she found no soul mate in all her thirty eight years? What was it that stopped her from sharing herself completely with anyone?"

If you believe in love, if you believe in soul mates, and if you believe in the power of the Universe - Let Go Of Me is something you will surely enjoy reading.