Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Who Needs A Bath - You Do - Maybe Even Twice!!!!

As a child we were taught about hygiene at home and reinforced its importance in school. So when I travel by public transport and get swarmed by the awful 'aroma' of disgust I am surprised at what is wrong with our society. I mean common, you see people all decked up, even a short visit to the grocery store means you will see people sporting their best attire and yet when you come close to them you feel like running miles away. TAKE A BATH people!!!!!

Now I'm not trying to be all mean and nasty in this post, I'm just trying to say that why can't we all simply smell nice. No I am not advertising for a high end perfume, and I'm not asking you to bathe yourself in roses and jasmine for that matter. All I'm saying is bathe properly and if you happen to be one of those people who simply have a bad body odor then bathe twice if required.

Look at this video and you will understand what I'm trying to say. Save the world from this torture - please!!!!

Winters are now gone but a nice warm shower twice a day will keep your body odor away. And not only that it will relax your body and mind. So the wife will be happy when she won't get scolded at because you had a bad day at work, and the husband would get a whiff of freshness not the onions you peeled in the kitchen.

If you ask me how I've dealt with smelly people in the past - I've tried all things - from covering my face with a scarf, spraying myself with extra perfume so that I can't smell anything else around me, to actually trying to spray perfume in public on people who smelt horrible (almost making me puke!)

Its really not all that difficult people, just take a bath every single day, every single morning!!!! This is a request issued for public welfare :)

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PS: this post is not to offend anyone and is written totally from the authors perspective as an entry for a contest by indiblogger that you can read about HERE