Thursday, March 12, 2015

Book Review: 10 Patients by Wasim Mohideen

Life can seem like a struggle at times, lost love, a critical illness, ungrateful boss; everyone of us can come up with at least one example in our life where we feel that life has treated us unfairly. There may be many of us who actually feel disheartened to such an extent that we simply stop living. Yes we are alive but we forget how to live.

10 Patients by Wasim Mohideen is a compilation of 10 different stories. Wasim Mohideen is a doctor and these 10 stories are real stories, stories of his patients who have shown him that we are greater than the miseries life throws at us. Its a book about 10 glorious lives of people who have faced the worst and yet decided to live their life with full gusto.
Book Review: 10 Patients by Wasim Mohideen
Book Review: 10 Patients by Wasim Mohideen
Each story introduces a different patient. Patient names have been changed to maintain confidentiality but the book lets you peek inside 10 lives that are bound to make you sit up and forget your own worries. The stories will make you feel sad and yet show you that your attitude towards life makes all the difference.

The book is written in the form of dialogues between the doctor and his patients. It is interesting to read the thoughts that Dr.Wasim himself has (italicized in the book) as he speaks to his patients. You will breeze through the book once you pick it up.

So if you feel  you have the worst life in this world, pick up this book and take a look at other people, real people and their struggle; get inspired to live life to the fullest. 

You can buy the book at only Rs 130 HERE and the kindle edition HERE

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