Thursday, March 5, 2015

Look Up - He Is With You Always!

Hope is the basis of all successes. How do we get hope? How do we think with optimism when all around things seem dark and gloomy. I don't have a personal story to tell where hope changed my life because for me each day and every struggle becomes something of the norm because I keep the hope in me alive. A lot of us are scared by situations that life throws at us. We might be faced by a difficult exam, an illness or something as awful as losing a loved one. There are times when one feels like why life has to be this way.

The answer to all our troubles lies in our belief and faith in God, the Almighty. Have you seen a little kid look-up when she prays? There is something very serene in noticing a child pray. She doesn't pray with any fear but complete trust that the one above is listening. This is the faith that gives you hope. 

By nature I'm a very worried soul, whenever a loved one travels I'm constantly inquiring where they have reached. No I'm not possessive just worried, terribly worried that something bad might happen. But slowly I am trying to build up my faith in Him so that whenever I look up I know he is looking down at me, he is with me, and that he is doing the same for all my loved ones.

If you want to live a life of optimism here is a small exercise you can do, whenever you get up in the morning sit up, close your eyes and thank God, thank him for whatever you have. Thank him that you are breathing, thank him for the comfortable bed you slept in, thank him that your loved one is sleeping healthy next to you in bed. Thank him for giving you the day that is about to begin and say that you trust him for all the good that the day has in store for you. After this small exercise smile as you open your eyes. 

At first this may seem a little weird, some may even feel like its a stupid thing to do, but slowly over time you will begin to genuinely appreciate everything that you have in life. You will also begin to see why you don't have what you don't and why it was never essential in the first place. You will be able to face every problem that you face with a deep sense of optimism because you will understand that everything in life has a reason. Each good that happens is to life you up and each bad is a lesson that makes you stronger.

In science we are taught Newton's third law of motion - Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction - this same principle applies to our life. When we think positive we send out waves of positivity into the Universe. Slowly this positivity starts returning to us from the Universe. You remember Shah Rukh Khan's famous dialog in Om Shanti Om - 'Agar tum dil se kisi ko chaho to poori kayanat bhi tumhe usse milane mein jut jaati hai' - its the same principle he talks about. When you give out love  you get back love. When you thank the Universe for all it has given you, it gives you more.

So next time you feel disheartened, hurt or just sad about something or because of someone - look up - thank the Almighty for everything that is going right, thank him for being there for you, tell him to show you the right path, and in your heart trust that there is something good hidden in all the bad that is happening in your life. After all every night has to end when the sun comes out. Look up with optimism and hope and soon life will look up for you!

(This post is my attempt at spreading positivity - envisions a world fill with positivity - let's hope one day our world would be a world of goodness in all forms!)

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