Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Am Explorer - I Storme Ahead!

As I set out in my Storme
A set of wheels I was sure to trust
I ventured off to unknown lands
On a mission handed off to me
By none other than our mother earth
It was a journey where my Tata Safari was put to test!

The night was dark and the roads were stony
But the beast with me had no reason to worry
It urged me to move on, for no task was difficult
For the Varicor engine the Storme boasted off!
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Soon clouds appeared and the stillness was gone
Thunderous clapping was heard, a challenge by the mighty Lord!
My Storme was being welcomed to a game of wet rocks
But we zipped ahead through lightening, we feared none!
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No treacherous path was too risky to cross
Wet roads, muddy lands, come hail or snow storm.
Through the jungles galore we carried on
Soon to be blocked by none other than 
The jungle king, who ruled these lands
He roared ahead as we stopped in our track
The engine growled back, the competition was strong
But finally he bowed down as if to say
"Oh master! I am sorry to have blocked your way."
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We neared a river, the jungles were left behind
Swish swashed through the water
This was my land that I had conquered
A small valley ahead almost flying we crossed
I knew the suspension was great no doubt!
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Soon it was time for us to rest
The lands of the forgotten just lay ahead
The sun had just awoken from its sleep
Rays of hope shone bright as the sky donned an orange glow
Green lands of fortune welcomed us
There were butterflies and flowers all around
My Storme had made me win this challenge
A journey of the unknown was complete
We were standing at the brink of fortune
And not a bone in me had tired 
Thanks to the comfortable plush seats!
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It was now time to thank my Storme Explorer
A powerful beast, a true explorer that set me free
Faced all terrain with no mercy.
To all good times ahead I cheer!
With you my Storme I will always excel
I am Explorer - I Storme Ahead!

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