Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Dream We Dreamt

A Dream We Dreamt

I dream, you dream, a dream I hope you dreamt!
A dream of you, a dream of me, what a dream, a dream what had it meant!

A smile I had, a smile you had, a happy dream we dreamt.
A life of love, a lovely life, a dream of love it meant.

A word of care, a care for words, a wordy dream we dreamt.
You listened to me, I heard you say, an enjoyable conversation it meant.

A little I teased, a little you played, a joyful play we dreamt.
A childish life, a life of childlike innocence, all worries aside it meant.

I dreamt such a dream, you dreamt such a dream, a dream I hope you dreamt.
Me and you,  you and me, together forever it meant!

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