Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Random Ramblings - Sama

Sama was sitting alone in the balcony. She was sad and upset. Tanay had once again reminded her of her loss and she couldn't stand being there to be reminded again and again of what she was trying to forget.

She watched around as people came out for their evening stroll. There was a couple playing badminton. There was no net and the boundaries were not clear. Whenever the shuttle dropped on the ground the guy would pick it up. Once,twice, even when it fell quite close to the girl, she wouldn't pick it up. Sama thought to herself, how much one can learn about a couples equation through a simple game of badminton. She knew who ruled the roost in their family. Sama knew how the tables would turn if she were playing with Tanay.

She sat back and tried to control her tears,but in vain. Seconds, minutes, an hour passed but her eyes would not stop pouring her sorrow out. The well of sadness was too deep to empty so soon

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