Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Braid Story

My lovely long tresses
Always oiled into two braids
Thin with wiggly ends
My two oily braids
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A visit to the parlor
Sad state of split ended hair
Snip-snap-snip went the scissors
Finally and end to my split hair

A short bob on my poor head
Slowly grew back in length
Challenging me once again
Ready to split as I let it grew in length

A small gift from mom
A bottle of milky white Dove
Promising strength to my hair
My milky white Dove

A month of regular devotion
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Shampoo followed by the creamy conditioner
Dove on my hair
As the tresses grew back

Finally the time had come
Time for the final test
The long tresses were tied up
But this time in a healthy single braid
The ends looked so much better
But they had to pass the test

Gently the braid was held
Its ends caressed my face
No unruly pieces sticking out
The braid felt soft against by face

My hair had passed the test
Almost after a decade!
And finally Dove had given me
My much sought after, long and healthy braid.
Finally a healthy braid (image source:

This poem is written as part of the contest on for the Dove Split End Rescue System challene

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