Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beauty in Despair

Dressed up all pretty and nice
She went off to an island with Mr Brice

The air was fresh and their hearts upbeat
Hand in hand
As they lay footprints on sand
They walked together
Looking lovingly at each other

His hand around her waist
Her heart aflutter

The sun grew stronger
The ocean so warm
T'was time to take a dip
Swim like two fish in merriment do flip

They changed into swimsuits
He looked chiseled
She - even more stunning

The little Unwanted went completely unnoticed

They entered the water blue and serene
She was aghast at the sight, she had just seen!

The tiny hair on her arms got magnified
Sprouted out like little thorns on a rose
What could she do now
There was no place to go and hide

He hadn't yet noticed and neither he cared
His love for her was ever so rare

But her mind lost its rest
Her heart gave its disapproval
Only one thing did it say

I wish I had opted for my hair removal!

The warmth of the sun
The beauty that lay ahead
The love in his eyes, the care in his touch
T'was all lost for her
As she mulled over her despair
Vowing to herself, a promise she made
Never ever to miss her hair removal date!

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  1. wonderful Shilpa (: goodluck

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