Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Book Review: Simply Complicatd By Shreya Prabhu

So I finally got back to reading something and this time I picked up a book called Simply Complicated by Shreya Prabhu

Simply Complicatd By Shreya Prabhu, book review
Simply Complicatd By Shreya Prabhu

Simply Complicated is a story that revolves around 5 young adults who have just stepped into the world of complications that every young adult faces - thinking of advanced studies, finding a job, and the worst of all - unrequited love.

The two main protagonists are Aastha and Sameer. Aastha has had a traumatic recent past and Sameer stood by her like her knight in shining armor during all the turmoil. Aastha can only trust Sameer but, Sameer loves Karuna

Karuna is fighting her own battle trying to ward off a forced marriage proposal in Bangalore while she continues to long for support from Sameer in a long distance relationship. Sameer and Karuna cannot imagine a future without each other yet they have never discussed about marriage!

Aastha's best friend Padmini is in a relationship with Rahul since a long time. Padmini and Rahul are like two sides of a coin, totally inseparable despite their fights, mistrust and break ups. Padmini is having a hard time forgiving Rahul for letting into temptation with another girl while Rahul can't understand why Padmini is so possessive.

In a plot that takes you through the lives of Aastha, Sameer, Padmini, Rahul and Karuna I felt like I was inside an Indian version of the famous TV sitcom Friends. There is never a dull moment while reading the book and Shreya does a good job of helping you visualize every moment of the story. A very believable story which most young adults will be able to associate with, Simply Complicated is a nice read.

If you want to purchase a paperback version or the e-book you can do so at flipkart.com (Rs 135) or from http://www.amazon.in (Rs 110). The kindle version is also available for download from amazon

You can watch a trailer of the book in the video below that talks about how life is Simply Complicated!

This is Shreya's second book and now I am all eager to pick up her first book - Another Chance at Life.

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