Saturday, January 4, 2014


I longed to talk to him
and I longed for him to listen

I longed to see that assurance in his eyes
All I got was disapproving looks
no empathy, just unwanted smirks

I longed for him to hold me and tell me 
that it would all be fine one day
All I got was a list of reasons proving why I deserved it, 
it was all my fault.

I longed for him to say Bravo, its a job well done
All I got was a passing congrats with an underlying 'whats great about that'

I longed to be cherished
but was always told that I should only give,
not expect anything in return.

I longed for love, a bit too long
I have nothing left but this little song,
But as they say life does go on.
And love, well that never dies,
so with life the longing too goes on!

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